Belgian Chocolate Covered Sugar Waffles (package of 6)

Belgian Chocolate Covered Sugar Waffles (package of 6)

$ 35.00

We make the authentic Liège waffle, the best you will ever taste. The Liège waffle is a dense, crunchy and chewy waffle, made with a yeast dough (instead of a batter)  and sweetened with real pearl sugar (*) imported from Belgium. 

(*) Pearl sugar is made from sugar beets.  The refined sugar beet sugar is compacted under very high pressure which makes for a hard grain, that “caramelizes”, instead of melts, during the baking process. The pearls guarantee an extra sweet and crunchy sensation with every other bite! 

For additional enjoyment, dipped in a smooth layer of authentic Belgian chocolate (dark, milk, dark/milk/white)!

Store in freezer in airtight container upon arrival.

Package contains 6 waffles

Signature Ingredients: Flour, Yeast, Pearl Sugar, Farm fresh Eggs, Butter, Chocolate

Allergen: Wheat, Eggs, Milk