Quiches & Tarts

Quiches are perfect any time of the day - they are delicious artisanal culminations of everything a farm has to offer.  They are unpretentious,  and super tasty, and will delight any difficult eater at your table. We grew up on quiche in our native Belgium - and they are the reason why we started the company. We offer a collection of quiches and vegetable tarts with "out of the box"  flavors - made with real and farm fresh ingredients. Just like our mothers and grandmothers before us, we never use trans-fats, hydrogenated oils, color enhancers, additives or preservatives. We use real butter - farm fresh eggs - and farmstead cheeses. Every quiche is frozen after the bake in order to guarantee its freshness.

For customers in the Metropolitan area, we are happy to report that most of our quiches are available via FreshDirect.com (search for quiche) and Farm to People!