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Pika's Liege Waffles at the Troy Farmers Market - All Over Albany

Customer Testimonials:

A happy customer says: "I've had your soup and almost cried, it was so good. Keep 'em coming. They are perfection!!!"

"I received the waffles yesterday and they are amazing! we will begin selling them today!, frosty's club."

"We just had dinner with the BEST pesto EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ate way too much!!!!!!!!!"

"I call Pika the evil quiche seductress"

"You mean so much to me. Your black bean soup helped me lose so many pounds! "

"I love your quiches and tarts! You have not seen the last of me!"

"My wife purchased one of your crab and lobster pot pies yesterday. It was really delicious. The yummy content is 1,000,000. Steve Weizman