Lobster Bisque - 22oz

Lobster Bisque - 22oz

$ 18.00

Signature Ingredients: Water, Heavy Cream, Leeks, Carrots, Celery, Onions, Lobster Meat, Tomato Paste, Lobster Base, Unsalted Butter, White Wine, Tapioca Flour, Garlic, Salt 


ALLERGENS: Milk, Soy, Shell Fish

Serving Suggestions:

Having two teenagers in the house who loved our lobster bisque, one container of bisque became two containers and even if we made it ourselves, this was fast becoming a costly habit.  So I decided to cook cheese tortellini's and put a spoonful in a deep dish, and top with lobster bisque.  One spoonful of cheese tortellinis became two to keep up with the increased demand of two growing kids.  ENJOY!

This product is only available for pick up at our kitchen, or for pick up at a farmer's market.

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