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Inspired by our European Heritage

Everyone Eats Well in Belgium

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Artisanal Quiches, that is how our story started ...

Inspired by the recipes from our Belgian mothers and grandmothers, and driven by a strong desire to create healthy unpretentious meals, we introduced our Quiches at the farmer's market in Halcottsville, NY on Labor Day weekend 2002.

We have since expanded our repertoire to include soups, oven dishes, pot pies and waffles. To this day, we follow traditional - no shortcut - cooking techniques, and choose simple farm fresh ingredients. To this day, everything is handmade in our Hudson Valley kitchen, with a strong emphasis on local.

Find our meals in many of the fine grocery stores or farm stands in the Hudson Valley, or meet one of the makers at the Farmers' Market. Have our meals delivered at your doorstep via Fresh Direct or Farm to People. Or order here, online, we ship every Wednesday.


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